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Hello deviants! :)


Firstly, for those of you who haven't heard, there are some changes going on with FC management and starting this month, Brookette is the new Collaborative Features Supervisor! This means she will be writing, updating and re-submitting the future CF journals from now on, so feel free to watch her for all the news on CF and, of course, for all her amazing newest deviations. :)


On to the Collaborative Features from last month, the theme was Literature.


Our featurers this time were:

:icondecepticonflamewar: :iconreginesartwork:

Thank you for your awesome suggestions! :aww:


Here they are: :iconlawooplz:


1. The Girl in the MirrorIt's a nice day in the south of Ireland, and a little cat is sleeping on a very comfortable armchair.
She is dreaming of the coming spring.
There are green meadows, sweet melodies and dances in her dream.
In a whisper the sun assures her that winder is almost finished.
A man knocking on the house door makes her dream fade away.
She opens her eyes annoyed and mews to call her owner.
The old woman opens the doors and welcomes the stranger politely.
The cat wonders if she is still dreaming.
At the door there is the most handsome man she has ever seen.
He is a wayfarer searching for a place to sleep.
He says that he has been walking for two days, and that he is very tired and hungry.
The woman opened the door of her house for him, because he reminds her of her lost son.
She shows him his bedroom and assures him that no one would disturb him before seven o' clock, so he decides to bath and sleep.
He must be very tired, because as he lies on the bed he falls asleep.
The cat jumps in the ward
The Lady of the WoodSir Edric pulled the last thorn out of his side with a wince. One blunder after another had led him tumbling into that poisonous patch of blackwood briars. Ironically, the poisonous barbs had probably saved his life since that briar patch was the last thing on the edge of the ravine. He was going to suffer for a couple of weeks, but at least he was alive.
Still, he needed to find shelter before the poison did its work. Stumbling further through the dark wood, he wished for the hundredth time that he hadn’t gotten it in his head to go after the Silver Star, whatever it was. Vague legends and a crude map weren’t exactly reliable information, as he’d learned soon enough. The ravine was apparently newer than the map, and there was no telling what else had changed.
With the exception of the accursed ravine, there didn’t seem to be any kind of shelter anywhere. He was already starting to get the chills, and it wouldn’t be long until he was in a deep sleep, despi
GentlemanIt was just dusk, and she looked lost and vulnerable by the side of the road.
“A pretty girl like you should smile more!” the man yelled from his BMW. “Get in and I’ll give you something to cheer you up.”
“You invited me in,” she said softly.
She smiled and he saw the fangs.
Robbing the Neighbors 
We sat in a small, cramped room. The walls were a dull ashen, and dark wooden planks covered the floor. It was dark in this room, the only light coming from a single overhanging lamp that flickered every once in a while. In the center of the room was a rectangular mahogany table. The table had history, I knew. Cut from the boughs of a mighty tropical tree and forged in fires of a stove that burned really hot. Like, really hot. How this table did not burn is beyond me.
I stood at the head of that majestic table, a jumble of blueprints and schematics laid out before me. My cohort stood at the other end, an incredulous look plastered to her tanned face.
"You want to do what?" she asked me, her head cocked to the side and her eyebrows raised in disbelief.
"You heard me." I whispered darkly, "We're going on a heist."
"We're going on a heist?" she asked, that bewildered look never leaving her face.
"We're going on a heist." I confirmed. "Is there an echo in h

Six Word Stories

We LostSo we lost.
Did you win?
A Balanced MealFor dinner: takeaway.
That's a plus.
Over Before You Know ItCaught stealing.
(Just a short sentence.)

All Prose Featurees

:icondebbysh: :iconbluebellwriter7: :iconusererror41: :iconscfrankles: :iconraeweis: :icongeek96boolean10:

Fan Fiction

Transformers: Beautiful CreationTitle: Transformers: Beautiful Creation
Universe: G1
Pairings: None
Rating: G
Warnings: None
Author's Note: This is for the Flash Fan Fiction Friday theme “create.” This is not my normal humor story. I'm feeling cruddy right now, and this is what I come up with. Maybe I shouldn't write while sick. Word Count: 439
Starscream leaned back, a tight grin across his face. Three computer screens displayed rows and rows of formulas while a fourth scrolled through equations at a rapid pace. A holographic display diagrammed a three dimensional model of a complex molecule. The digital representation spun, allowing him to view it from any angle he desired. The various atoms and chemical bonds were color coded, forming an unique octodecimal spectrum. Beautiful.
His grin slipped into a smirk.
It worked. He'd ran over a thousand simulations, with only a 0.03% variance in results. Success. He had never doubted his eventual triumph. This miracle, this work of art, had taken over a vorn of s
Even Heroes..."What are you doing here?" áBatman asked without taking his focus from his computer. á"Is something wrong?"
"Why does there have to be something wrong? áCan't I just stop by?" áThe man replied.
"I suppose so...But you never just 'stop by'. áSo I ask again, what's wrong?"
Superman sighed.
"Is it Lois?" áBatman asked as he turned around to face him.
"No. áIt's not Lois."
"Good, because I'm not sure I would have had any advice for you if that had been the case." áBatman replied with a smirk.
He was expecting a smile from Superman. áHe didn't get one.
"What is it? áReally." áBatman asked, more seriously.
Superman looked to the ceiling. á"Bruce, what makes you do what you do everyday? áI mean, what keeps you from just, giving up on it all?"
It was silent for a time.
"My family."
Superman raised his brow.
"Even the ones I've lost. áI do what I do every day because I don't want anyone to have to go through what I've gone through."
"But why? áIt's not like it'll bring them back. áNo matter
Walking AwayThere are certain periods of your life that you don't think will ever end. You think that life will stay constant, and your routines will remain the same no matter how much time passes by. But then you stop and take a look around, and you realize that even though you had thought that you were suspended in time and that nothing would change,  the world kept spinning, and life kept happening. And before you know it, those times are over, and all you can do is look back on them with either a sad or a happy heart.
This can apply to any period of your life. You've just started school, then before you know it you're holding a college degree in your hands. You're holding your newborn child one minute, and the next you're helping them move into a new flat. A man with a box takes you traveling across space and time, and it's over before you can even catch your breath.
But the thing is: I didn't allow myself to believe that that part of my life would never end. I stopped it before I could g
Portal: Sleep ModeSleep Mode
Characters: GLaDOS
Setting: Pre-Portal

Some nights, not every night and certainly in no pattern that she could discern, she dreamed.
Sometimes, she dreamed she was a woman, middle-aged to elderly, she wasn’t sure which.  She was wrapped in tensed wires that bound her arms to her knees, left her bow-shaped as she dangled by her ankles from the ceiling.  She felt so helpless, felt such a powerful desire to move, which was thwarted by her bindings, that it felt like she was being torn apart.  The ache in her body was almost unbearable, but that wasn’t the worst part.  No, the worst part was that she cried and cried, and called for help and mercy and for just plain company, but the little men in the booth ignored her and busied themselves with other things.  And the longer she hung there, given the illusion of movement, the worse the drive to perform actions she could not became.  An itch tore through her, an
Blue Tint (Pokemon/Sonic Crossover)He slid to a halt at the end of the cliff and shivered.
Sonic the Hedgehog lifted a hand to his face, trying to use his fingers to shield his eyes from the sun and the wind. He couldn't shake the uncomfortable feeling that he was lostů and he realized that this was one of the few times that feeling had ever bothered him.
He looked down the mountain at the landscape below, frowning. Sunlight glinted off grass that had a much greener tone than he remembered only hours ago; vegetation was sparse where earlier in the day it had been plentiful. The sun was further south in the sky than he recalled, like the very season had changed. A gust of wind swept over him, colder than before. The sun was going down.
He briefly considered trying to descend the mountainside before nightfall, but as he looked out and beheld the many streams and rivers flowing from the mountain, he thought better of it. Sonic began searching for a nook or a cave that might shield him from the wind.
The soft murmur of voic
Trailing BehindJohn hadn’t been able to drop off at all in the caravan. Sherlock, conversely, was sleeping like a baby. Up every two hours and making a hell of a racket.
“Sherlock,” said John. “There is no nicotine in this vehicle. Go to bed.”
Sherlock glared and sipped his fifth cup of coffee.
John groaned.
At least the case was over. Tomorrow they would be back in London.
John checked the connection between the caravan and car and got into the driver’s seat.
“Shall I drive..?” asked Sherlock.
Ah, apologising for last night, thought John.
“We don’t want to end up crashing into the embankment if your shoulder locks,” said Sherlock.
John started the car.
For an hour he listened to Sherlock complaining. Despite having just solved a case, Sherlock was already craving more stimulation.
At the next service station John pulled over.
“I’ve had enough. Go and buy some cigarettes.”
Sherlock stared. “Really?”


:iconsingingflames: :iconmissgingerice: :iconxcrimsonxrosesx: :iconiammemyself: :icondecepticonflamewar: :iconscfrankles:


Bitlets 16I've heard of people
who laugh out of fear,
but I get the impression
they laugh because
they are not surprised
and can comprehend
the situation faster
than the rest of us
and don't see a reason
to fight or flight but
light up in laughter.
Thou Shalt Not StealSamhain night comes once a year,
Candy bringing children cheer.
Costumes aim to give a fright
To all those wand'ring through the night.
My parents ran low on supplies,
A mistake I sought to rectify.
So to the grocery store I went,
Seeking sweets, that we might repent.
Shortly did I arrive there,
But found no cashier anywhere.
I thought I could pay on the morrow
For the candy that I borrowed.
'Twas not 'til I was driving home
That I found I was not alone.
I looked in my rearview mirror
To see a puma drawing nearer.
Even though I really tried
To get away, my engine died;
Leaping out the door, I ran,
Only to be tackled in the sand.
A large paw turned me on my back;
I thought I'd have a heart attack,
When the mountain lion growled at me,
"Why did you steal my candy?"
I tried to insist that I meant to pay,
But he wouldn't listen to what I had to say.
"There's a penalty for those who steal."
I opened my mouth in a frightened squeal,
And found myself sitting in bed,
Clammy sweat upon my head.
IntimateWhere is the heart of old,
now drowning in the lake
of sadness and despair?
Slowly flowing down
to the abyss of the lake,
water is so cold, cold.
Memories come crashing
down, quiet whispers
of all the people known.
Only dead corpses remain,
war changes everything
but that which one remembers.
Tears disappear in the cold
loneliness of the deep,
hands stretched towards the light.
Cannot breathe and dying,
could arms feel your hig
one last time in a dying embrace?
The body so broken now
falls to the bottom,
the eyes close, it is dead.
Seaweed silently sings
a song of tragedy all alone,
no more light, no more light.
Nightmare is gone, gone,
a widow by the grave,
the water has taken her husband.
Thrown in the red rose was,
gently it sank to the darkness,
the last farewell of forgotten love.
Lament of the cowardI gave up on luck, it left too much to chance;
I gave up on dreams for I dreamed of romance.
I tossed aside worries, they annoyed me too much;
I tossed aside anger for I needed no such.
I left behind feelings, they brought needless pain;
I left behind beauty, I was no longer vain.
I abandoned my hope, it brought frail security;
I abandoned my light, now I dwell in obscurity.
I forsook even empathy for it made me seem weak,
I forsook my humanity for my future was bleak.
Some DayI force a smile
and keep it for a while
just until they're gone.
They  think I'm fine
and I don't deny
until I'm all alone.
Then I lock the door
dropping  to the floor
and I start to cry.
Cause it's not the same
when I call your name
-there is no reply.
I quit all lies
reaching for the skies
begging  them for you.
Wonder  just how far
you've gone, how you are...
Do you miss me too?
If I could only know
that you are happy now
then maybe I could sleep.
But for now I'll weep,
roaming empty streets,
precious memories I keep.
So I dry my tears
and let all fears
go and melt away.
Cause maybe if we fight
then it will be alright,
and we will meet  some day.
I won't stop to look
you  just wait and listen
for when I sing our song.
Can you imagine how
I'm really smiling now
you know it won't be long.
You count the bitter days
while I leave a trace
on every road I've been.
And when the days are gone
all the roads are done
that's when we c
The Boogeyman
The shadows creep
And the darkness crawls
As the demons drawl on in fear
For the time is near
As the moon is high
When true evil is nigh
And that creature of wickedness
Wrapped up in a dark cloak of shadows
And broken innocence and negativity
Comes for you
And you can run
But you can't hide
For it can track you down
Where ever you may go
Because it will always know
It sees your every move
It smells you in the air
And it senses you everywhere
For it is a monster of old
That can only be seen threw young eyes
And devourers the evil of others
A monster that will haunt your dreams
Track you down
And swallow you whole
StiraboutThe ghosts of a thousand Celts
haunt where you lie, heavy as time,
dream-quiet in ochre and grey.
Warm as an October moon,
soft in a pink-cheeked dawn,
you wake to honey and cream
under my hand, butter melting
into a strawberry kiss,
just so.
An der SeeDas Wasser rauscht, wogt hin und her
und trägt an unsren Träumen schwer,
dir wir des Nachts ihm aufgeladen,
und bringt sie sicher übers Meer
zu den entferntesten Gestaden,
wo ihm wohl neues Leben winkt.
Wer weiß, ob nicht die Woge bringt,
was sie dort drüben träumend fand:
für Dich, ein Traum aus einem fernen Land.
Sweet dreams, dreamerClose your eyes and let me take you far away
To the ocean on a distant sunny day
Let your dreams be carved in sand and come alive
For as much as men fall down they want to fly
And it matters not that none of it is real
And that real adventures don’t have happy endings
For as long as they are fools enough to dream
Life might come to be as they want it to seem
But it’s late now and no matter how you try
The waves will ruin every castle made of sand
And in the end you’ll have to tell your dreams goodbye
UntitledLove while the night still hides the withering dawn..
Come the day the illusion will be gone.
Your heart will be lain to rest inside the unmarked tomb,
Within your chest, an empty hole.
Torn asunder by the lack of his lying sweet words against your ear,
The sweet nothings, that meant not a thing.
This is your poison.
This is your addiction.

Visual and Found Poetry

Love Poetry - You are near by DarkSilverflame Bring your candle to glitter again by Itti Sowing the seeds of a dream by fantom125

All Poetry Featurees

:iconnichrysalis: :iconthebrokenbride: :iconrakunow: :icongatesofmidnight: :iconrallata: :iconlukan-the-oracle: :iconriparii: :iconfantom125: :iconreggar: :iconzayzael: :icondarksilverflame: :iconitti: :iconscfrankles:



:iconwritten-imagination: :iconsixwordstories: :iconheart-of-poetry: :iconwriteaway: :iconthewritingobsession: :iconourprose: :iconunseen-writers: :icontalentedwritersguild: :iconliteraryfanfiction:



Hope you've enjoyed it! :la:

Have a nice day and happy featuring!


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